Monthly Archives: January 2012

Ski Tahoe Pullover

Same graphic as before, except now it’s on a red hooded sweatshirt. Remember that Adam Sandler song? “Red hooded sweatshirt”? I guess I don’t really remember it all that well, either.

Ski Tahoe

This is a four-color print I designed based on some classic ski t-shirt designs I’d found. The skier figure in the design looks a little more modern than the typography, but I don’t mind the juxtaposition of new and old here.

Bowling Shirt

Pretty understated, as far as bowling shirts go. The two red stripes across the chest are supposed to be like the red stripes on the neck of a bowling pin.


This was based on an old watercolor from a postcard. It was a fun challenge to recreate the subtleties of shading from a watercolor in a four-color screenprint.