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AsTech Consulting

AsTech Consulting
Design, UX, WordPress custom theme development

“Joe brings considerable skill to the table. He’s not only a gifted graphic designer, he’s a savvy developer who can execute his artistic vision in an online setting with technical elegance. Joe’s understanding of UX and his ability to think through problems from the perspective of the customer really differentiate him as a designer. And he’s also great to work with; his ability to collaborate with us to give expression to the vision we had for our brand was remarkable.” -Jonathan Davis, VP Business Development & Marketing

I worked closely with the brand strategist at this company to develop a visual system that would communicate trust, experience, and competence. Once the principals at the company had approved our designs, I developed this site as a custom WordPress theme, and worked with the server architecture experts at AsTech to build the most secure and stable site that I’ve ever been involved with. Great experience, all around.